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Regional Administrator

Name: Elizabeth Barr

Elizabeth Barr bio picAtlantic Region Executive Committee Member Role: Regional Administrator

Importance of AAPC: “As a counseling student, I recall attending my first AAPC conference in 2015. During this experience, I recognized the beauty and necessity of a professional organization, like the AAPC. It was here I found a community that could understand, educate, challenge, and support. The AAPC brings together a diverse and spiritual group of people and encourages each one to recognize his or her own potential as a practitioner and a person. I feel blessed to be a part of this organization and to assume a supportive role that encourages others in this ministry.”

Biography: Elizabeth Barr recently graduated with a master’s degree in pastoral care and counseling from Neumann University. After earning a bachelor’s in Human Services from Villanova University, Elizabeth spent a year as a Lasallian Volunteer in Portland, Oregon working as a high school campus minister. She returned to the east coast and worked in education as the Assistant to the Principal of Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School for five years. During this time, Elizabeth felt called to return to the helping field and pursue a counseling degree. She recently assumed the position of Regional Administrator to the Atlantic Region of the AAPC and is eager to support and advance it’s mission. Her duties include, but are not limited to, coordinating with the Executive Committee on initiatives, maintaining membership records, and managing the region’s website and e-newsletter communications.