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Mission Advance Program (MAP) Grants for Pastoral Counseling

In April, 1985, the AAPC Board of Governors approved the creation of an Endowment Fund to support the developmental needs of the Association. The Fund was created from AAPC member contributions. The purpose of the Fund was to support projects which advance both the profession and the mission of Pastoral Counseling and involve outreach beyond the internal programs of the Association. With this concept in mind, the campaign for contributions was named “Mission Advance.”

At its October 1985 meeting, the Executive Committee of the Board appointed an interim Endowment Fund Administration Committee, to be called the Mission Advance Program (MAP) Committee, empowered immediately to begin the process of developing guidelines and of receiving, processing, and authorizing projects.

The overall objective of Mission Advance governance was to advance the mission and profession of Pastoral Counseling to the greatest degree with the least expenditure of resources.

It is also clearly the objective of the Mission Advance governance process to focus on outreach and developmental tasks with a long range perspective. Funds were to be allocated only to those projects which were clearly beyond the scope and ability of the regular (internally focused) annual allocation of dues.

With this very brief historical sketch of the fund’s foundation, and given the current transitional situation for the Association, the Board of Directors, through the finance committee, has set about the task of updating and revising the central understanding of the Mission Advance Project, and most specifically, the guidelines and grant request application for the Fund.

The subcommittee of the finance committee assigned to bring recommendations to the Board has been in consultation with our legal counsel, and has been assured that the Board is well within its legal and fiduciary responsibility and authority to revise the protocols for the fund, as long as the guidelines fall within the scope of the original purpose: that is, “to advance the mission and profession of Pastoral Counseling.”

Some examples of ways in which this grant can be used are to:

  • Increase awareness by religious bodies of the mission, social concern, scope, and insights of Pastoral Counseling;
  • Increase awareness across the spectrum of service/helping professions of the nature, capability, and availability of Pastoral Counseling; and/or
  • Increase awareness by the general public of Pastoral Counseling.

Learn more about guidelines for applying for grants through the Mission Advance Program (MAP) to advance the mission and profession of Pastoral Counseling.

Questions about guidelines and submitting proposals should be sent to the Association Treasurer / Chair of the Finance Committee.  For 2015-2017 the Treasurer is Elizabeth Denham Thompson: ethompson@eremosconsulting.com.